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This file will look similar to this formatted into three columns for convenience:. Then I will show you how to work with remote Git servers. If all went well, you now have all the latest changes integrated into your master branch.

Then, you should make sure that the state of the repository is in order, using git status. Basic concepts When you put your project which is contained in a directory on your disk under version control, Git creates a repository in your project directory. This new chain of commits, which branches off at a certain commit of the original branch, now forms its own branch.

I hope you'll agree by now that it is a very good idea to use some manner of version control when developing your programs. Now, we can finish the merge. Declaring a vector Adding elements to a vector resize assign Accessing elements of a vector Erasing elements of a vector Iterators Sorting and shuffling a vector Vectors of objects. There's also a curated list of applications hereand a pretty exhaustive list here.

Now, we can add some code to switch the background color if the space key is pressed. Try to approximately replicate these changes:. We have just made a modification to a file that Git is tracking, so it should pick up on this, right? A pull request enables an easy review of your changes and offers a discussion platform where the changes can be discussed, updated, and finally merged with one click, incorporating your changes into the upstream repository.

Because we added a. If you create a new commit, it will become this commit's parent and HEAD will be moved to the new commit. This will look similar to this:.

Use the --staged option to see the diff of already staged changes. Also, user-specific files like IDE files describing the location of windows in our IDE, or backup copies of our files that the OS creates, don't really belong in the repository. Using an image to drive the creation of a mesh Manipulations: