Forex trading and exchange rates services

Foreign banknotes can be traded at the price of a foreign exchange remittance, but should be administered as deposits in foreign banknotes.

A correctly entered transaction password is required for all foreign exchange transactions. You can change your password changed using your bank card PIN. Customers are responsible for all losses that result from disclosing their transaction password. Article 6 The minimum trading value of an order using the China Merchants Bank personal foreign exchange trading service is the equivalent of USD Local branches may change this amount. Article 7 The trading hours of the China Merchants Bank personal foreign exchange trading service are Monday 8: Article 8 Order Validity.

The new trading system of China Merchants Bank keeps successful orders valid for 24 hours; an order is automatically cancelled if have not been accepted within 24 hours. When trading through a Wealth Management Account, orders remain valid for up to 5 days. A one-day valid order becomes valid once it has been successfully made, and then expires at the same time the next day.

A two-day valid order expires at the same time the day after the next day, and so on. Article 9 China Merchants Bank provides six ways of making orders: Internet banking, self-service banking terminals, palm banking, mobile banking for limited orders only , and over the counter for market orders and limited orders only.

Article 10 All rates are for spot transactions of foreign exchange remittance: Article 11 China Merchants Bank offers favorable rates for large transactions. For details, please consult your local CMB branch.

Article 12 Due to constant fluctuations in the international market, CMB reserves the right to suspend part or the entire currency price listing and suspend trading in the event of abnormal exchange rate fluctuations.

China Merchants Bank reserves the right to suspend trading if an event such as a system failure occurs, and is not liable for any resulting losses. You can consult local CMB branches for further details. Customers who wish to withdraw other currencies must convert them into currencies that are available at China Merchants Bank. Article 17 It is assumed that customers fully understand the above terms and enact them when trading foreign currencies.

Customers are responsible for all losses due to incorrectly entering information or misunderstanding the terms herein. Article 18 China Merchants Bank reserves the right of final interpretation of these terms. To be included in the list, companies needed to show consistent revenue growth over a minimum of three years, significantly outperforming their industry peers.

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