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Humanities Center has scheduled talks to be held during the Fall and Winter semesters. These talks are held mainly on Tuesday and Wednesday, but occasionally on other weekdays as well. All lectures will be held in FAB from Since the inception of the weekly Brown Bag Colloquium Series, literally hundreds of Wayne State humanities and arts faculty and students israel where the black market is approximately 25 of gdp and binary options brings in at least $5 bi participated either as speakers or as members of the audience.

Each new year brings an increase in the number of faculty volunteering to present talks. As a result, the Center regularly hosts talks twice a week throughout the academic year. Brown Bag talks are free and open to the public. We are inviting junior and senior scholars in the humanities and arts as well as those working in the natural and social sciences whose work overlaps with the humanities.

Please click here for the schedule. September 09 - Lisabeth M. All three of these heroines are marked as exceptional but also as brooding and different from the others around them, and eventually all renounce that for which they seem to long the most.

My presentation will employ close reading, socio-historical analysis, and digital humanities practices such as data mining to ask whether one can talk about an aesthetics of melancholy in these texts. Courage is one of the four cardinal Greek virtues that finds a place in the writings of Confucius.

Contemporary cultures define courage in the form of exceptional, bold acts. This paper places courage within the larger philosophical discussion of character and the impact of emotion on ethical action.

It also situates courage within a concept of journalism as professional practice. Courageous journalists need the support of courageous organizations. While acknowledging that certain exceptional situations require individual courage, this paper suggests that the kind of courage that forms professional character is based in daily duties that hold even the most routine journalistic chores to a high ethical standard.

This routine articulation of high standards, the practice of courage on a daily basis, builds both individual and organizational character. The result is professional solidarity, the courage to engage in bold acts where required, emerging standards of professional excellence, and the potential strengthening of ties between journalists and the public whom they serve. Two Narratives of Intergenerational Sustainability: What makes organizations intergenerationally sustainable, and what helps them to survive?

What is intergenerational sustainability, and how does it translate into managerial strategies? Professor Moldavanova uses the case of museums as examples of intergenerationally sustainable institutions, and explores the logic and ethic of intergenerational sustainability.

The presentation is based on a larger study of arts organizations that explores the determinants of institutional resilience and management strategies that enhance the long-term sustainability of the arts.

Two narratives of intergenerational sustainability emerge from the study: These narratives co-exist, while at times contradicting each other, and it becomes the task of museum managers to reconcile the tensions embedded in these narratives. The Supreme Court decides cases, and its decisions in these cases provide doctrine and precedent for future cases involving similar issues. In ,the Supreme Court decided Lawrence v.

Texas, in which the Court held that it was unconstitutional for a state to prohibit consensual sex by same-sex persons. Professor Sedler will discuss these cases,and present the arguments demonstrating why a ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional. Hume's Theory of the Imagination Abstract: According to Descartes and numerous other early modern philosophers, we can think in two different ways: In this talk, I discuss Hume's possible motivations for this claim and some of its implications.

The purpose of the current study was to examine the emotional challenges of conducting both qualitative and quantitative violence and trauma research. Although some emotional challenges were more frequently identified by those working on primarily quantitative studies e. Findings suggest emotional challenges are an important and often overlooked aspect of quantitative research.

These challenges need to be taken into account by investigators planning both quantitative and qualitative research on violence and other emotionally sensitive topics. September 30 - Peter J. Hammer Law School and the Damon J. Connecting the Dots in Detroit: This triad of self-referential documents has common flaws.

These documents present ahistorical analyses of the problems facing the city, refusing to address issues of race or the relationship between the city and the region. These are neither innocent nor minor omissions, raising serious questions about the propriety and effectiveness of their collective recommendations.

Tales from the New Nixon Tapes: Currently, approximately 3, hours of these tapes have been declassified, released, and made available to the public. Instead, they have left this monumental task — a task that NARA once estimated took hours of staff time to transcribe 1 hour of tape — to individual researchers and scholars.

Journeys of Older Adults: Making meaning in the re making of homes Abstract: Concerns of appropriate housing may arise in older adulthood. Some older adults may make life work in the place we call home; others take steps to voluntarily relocate in anticipation of health and other needs. Moving is examined as a moment where regimes of value are negotiated through competing semiotic ideologies and at times social roles are transformed.

This paper presents experiences of relocation of material and social role transformation as older adults make this housing, and writ large, life transition.

Social and Material Transformations in the Midwest U. October 08 - Brad R. Roth Law and Political Science, Professor. The Limits of Civility: Civility acknowledges that the person being addressed is a legitimate participant in the conversation. In a given instance, one may have an arguable justification for withholding or repudiating such an acknowledgment.

Beneath the surface of civility controversies lies a substantive debate about what propositions can and cannot be insisted upon. Contemporary controversies -- for example, over reactions against various invited campus speakers, over activities relating to the movement to boycott Israel "BDS"and over "microaggressive" disparagements that implicate race, ethnicity, gender, disability, weight, and other distinctions -- can usefully be re-examined in this light. A credible argument for civility must concede that incivility, too, has its place in the good society.

Inter-imperial rivalry, which embodied everything from diplomatic intrigues to military clashes, was one of the recurrent themes in the first two hundred years of the post-Colombian evolution of the Caribbean. However, this time the English invaders suffered a major setback. The well-entrenched and determined local defenders, the majority of them of mixed racial background, out-maneuvered the British invaders, who were forced to retreat hastily to avoid their imminent destruction or capture.

The armed conflict adversely impacted non-Hispanic European immigrants in Puerto Rico. Three days into the battle, a cluster of Irish settlers associated with the re-emergence of commercial agriculture in the Spanish colony were accused of aiding and abetting the enemy.

They were placed under surveillance, arrested and jailed, and eventually cast off the island. The deportation order took many local residents, including local supporters of the Irish, by surprise.

This presentation examines the anti-foreign backlash in the context of the economic revival of the Spanish American colonial periphery in the late Bourbon era. The evidence presented will argue that their entrepreneurial success did not sit well with some members of the colonial administration and Creole elite, who made up the trumped up charges in a poorly disguised ploy to drive out the ambitious aliens. Language and Exchange Abstract: In this paper, I propose a theoretical account of some links between the ways people exchange goods and services with each other and the ways they communicate and think about language.

My understanding of exchange builds on the Maussian tradition in anthropology, which distinguishes between reciprocal gift exchange embedded in social relationships and impersonal market exchange. I redefine this contrast so as to emphasize the communicative framing of exchange, thus linking exchange and language by definition. This link has further logical entailments as well as causal implications.

Gift and market exchange generate different conceptualizations of social actors and their obligations: Language and exchange are both such fundamental features of human social life that a theoretically coherent account linking the two generates a broad range of new questions and insights. Published by the Editions Maeght inFemmes by French novelist Claude Simon is a hybrid work that stands at the intersection of the visual and the textual.

Of particular interest is Q. A closer look at his musical output, however, reveals a keen ability to translate more general aspects of American culture into compelling musical narratives.

Several of his compositions address American working class life in the latter twentieth century. Given the recent media attention on the ACA and health care reform, it is important to examine media framing israel where the black market is approximately 25 of gdp and binary options brings in at least $5 bi health issues presented to the public through these newspaper sources.

Preliminary findings focusing on newspaper headlines will be presented along with a discussion of framing strategies used israel where the black market is approximately 25 of gdp and binary options brings in at least $5 bi the newspapers in their depictions of the ACA during the initial open enrollment period on health care. Implications of the newspaper coverage for the ACA and health care reform will also be discussed.

On the surface, these appear to be recent phenomena of the late 20th and early 21st centuries that are only distantly related to each other. My thesis here is that they have deep roots in human history and they are so intimately and intricately linked that they must be addressed together as threats, not only to modern civilization, but to life on earth as we know it.

In this talk, I will use a model created by anthropologist-historian Eric Wolf that analyzes how human society organize their collective labor forces according to three modes of production: My analysis builds on two fields: By exploring this spectacle, in which the ultimate passive object becomes an agent and speaking party, turning the israel where the black market is approximately 25 of gdp and binary options brings in at least $5 bi of assessment back on its viewers, forcing its audience to consider their own mortality and the stability of the Christian community and their citizenship within it.

From the Mountains Abstract: Photography and ideas about the "American West" developed in tandem, increasing in cultural significance throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and have informed ideas about each other ever since. As photography has proliferated, so too have our visual representations of the West.

From the Mountains will address my recent photographic work that uses images of the American West as a starting point to interpret and confront cultural myths surrounding the representation of that landscape. Focusing on land that has been protected from man's physical alteration National Parks, Monuments, and Preserves and whose cultural and economic value is determined through aesthetic reframing, the work uses physical alterations to photographic imagery of the West to create relationships between formal geometries and natural spaces that question the israel where the black market is approximately 25 of gdp and binary options brings in at least $5 bi representation of the photographic image, interrupting the fantasy of an untouched and untouchable vista.

November 05 - Sandra F. VanBurkleo, History, Associate Professor. The master narrative commenced roughly with World War I and the U. Recently, scholars have pushed that history back into the late 19th century, but, again, largely by interrogating lower court records for evidence of additional, formal, judicial utterances.

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