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Hello guys, I would like to share my experience with Mr Mr free binary options articles Yiandros. I am sure many of you have seen such posts in youtube and forums. He was also claiming that he detest binary brokers and he wants they to pay the price now when he makes profitable traders.

Well, I decided to join their group and here is what happened:. First a guy called Jahn Kula told me that they are working in cooperation with BOS Signals and most of the traders joined the group from there.

I asked for the strategy sample but this guy Jahn Kula was only pushing me to register an account at IQ option with his affiliate links and to deposit money. He was promoting some tournament called Crazy Chicken where you have to make some 15 win trades in a row. If you win the tournament they will teach you the strategy for free. Well, thanks a lot but I am a beginner and if I can win 15 trades in a row I would not ask Mr Yiandros for his help.

Later some guy Suraj Singh ask me to register at Noafx with his affiliate link and when I open a real account he will send me some set up for weekend trading OTC.

I am not sure what is this weekend trading but when I ask for weekday strategy he told me that the Princess will give to me once I have an account at Noafx. Who is that Princess? Finally I spoke with Mr Yiandros and here is the interesting part: But I thought it was free? He told me that they help people in Australia, what sounds strange to me considering it is one of the richest countries in the world. So I supposed they help some aboriginal tribes with clothes and food?

I asked him several times about the name of this charity fund but did not get any answer. He also told me that I mr free binary options articles to open account at Noafx with his link? So they mr free binary options articles promising you to teach you and make you profitable trader but at the same time they are happy you to lose money at Noafx?

Does this sounds logic? Yes sure, what not making some money from newbies' losses. This guy is a real treasure for the world.

Be aware and please share this to other forums and let beginners know what happens when they chat with some of these guys. Here is a screenshot he sent me, I just wonder how it is possible mr free binary options articles SpotOption broker to allow so many winning trades in row: I am the Princess in your post. I do not know if you approached me or not but it is imperative that I speak the truth concerning the Yiandros System.

I have no idea if this will be published but I will only speak the truth. When I met with Mr. When I met up with Mr. Yiandros in JanuaryI was given two free templates, one for daily training with noafx and another template for trading OTC crazy chicken template. John Yiandros and Mr free binary options articles Cupido. I had never heard of binary options until April I mr free binary options articles been with many signal providers in the past that required me to join their recommended brokers before I can receive signals.

For that signing with brokers, I only got one month signals provided from these signal providers. I have to date since January received over four sessions of training from Mr. Yiandros at his cost and time.

After training one on one with Mr. He is constantly training the group including me, giving us things to read to make us better traders. Before I joined the yiandros system, I did not know how to read charts, but to God be the glory for this God fearing man that has helped me to start having hope and believing that I can actually come out of poverty. What more does anybody want from this Yiandros System team?

To end up finding out that he actually mr free binary options articles away my training course money to those in need, I bow down and give God all the praises. Yiandros and the Yiandros System team. Did you know that Mr. Yiandros is planning on training us to be so good that he will give us licenses to go out there and help others?

If you only know what many plans he has for us, you will never attack him. I can now read the charts, call my own signals, and trade on my own all thanks to the Yiandros System. If your require further information, please contact me because you honestly attacked a very good group. Where are the evidence of your charity work?

Can we see some pictures how you bring clothes to the people in need? It just happens that he is donating it to someone in support for her charity work to help moms with their children who need it; even if he was pocketing the money for a small token very small of compensation for his time and efforts, it isn't any of your business.

Just because mr free binary options articles didn't understand it, doesn't mean it doesn't work; that falls on your shoulders, not his. Sorry guys, but you are bunch of pathetic people kissing the ass of an old daddy for strategy lessons, hoping for endless fortune.

I don't what is going on in your mind or why you can't understand this. Obviously replying to you is useless and fueling your hatred therefore I will not give you any more attention. Yes, I also know this charity worker: Skip to main content. Yiandros System mr free binary options articles A scam or a charity foundation?

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