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Interestingly enough, the SSLProtocol directive did not matter in my tests. So, keep SSL settings synchronised between vhosts. In fact, those were already from include files, but 2two was from the Evolvis 5 generation, whereas we added to 1one an Include of the httpd. This wlog entry brought to you by the system administrators of tarent solutions GmbH and the Evolvis Msgmerge binary options option trading in nicaraguabased on FusionForge.

The talk got some attention and the message to include even more medical imaging software into Debian was well percived. Thanks to Mathieu Malaterre there was some live demonstration which was way easier for him as a medical imaging expert than it would have been for me. Debian Med packaging workshop Due to my advertising in the talk yesterday three students two of them from one medical imaging project, one from an other project attended the workshop.

Thanks to Axel Beckert who helped me out surviving the challenge to walk on unexplored ground. The idea of the workshop was to ask the attendees to name a package of their own and just package this. Because two of msgmerge binary options option trading in nicaragua attendees were upstream developers of CreaTools we decided to go on for packaging this. After circumeventing some pitfalls in the beginning it went rather smoothly and after about 2.

Your workshop was very interesting and didactic: I will try, before the end of the month, to fully package creatools. And for sure, I will contact the debian-med mailing list. Integration of VistA into Debian I had the good chance to directly address some issues of Claudio Zaugg the speaker in the talk Implementing open source Health Information Systems in Low- and Middle Income Countries a practical review directly before mine. It turned out that by using Debian packaged software might help simplifying the issues they had in supporting health care workers in Low- and Middle Income Countries.

My talk was partly repeating some basic ideas about Debian Med from the talk on Monday because the audience was completely different. Than I tried to explain in detail how we tried hard to establish good contacts to upstream developers and why this is essential to finalise the goal to include hospital information systems straight into Debian any by doing so open the doors of hospitals for large scale Debian installations. There is also video recording of this talk. Other interesting talks OpenEMR, a multi-language free open source electronic health record for international use Just discussed the packaging of OpenEMR which is prepared for Debian Med as it can be seen on our tasks page.

The contact to the creator of some inofficial package will be established to finalise this task. Free software and High Performance Computing This talk was not directly connected to my Debian work but I simply enjoyed to see how "two people" had a really entertaining talk about Top computers.

Vittoria, you made my last day at LSM. Control at Submit time One of the features that I have been asked for multiple times is the ability to use control bugs. I have now implemented this with the following syntax: This also now works for every kind of message to nnn bugs.

I don't know why you'd use it for anything else msgmerge binary options option trading in nicaragua submit messages, but hey, whatever works. In past releases, we've used the nice commenting feature of bts. This feature should probably have already been in the BTS to start with, but now it is.

In addition to the existing summary feature, where you can nominate a message or text to be the summary for a bug, there is an outlook command, which tracks the current status of the bug, and behaves in exactly the same way: I plan to include the outlook in the bugscan output in the future too, so it'll be easily accessible.

And possibly up-to-the-minute with some javascript-fu. Debconf 12 work As already written, even though it seems, I didn't spend my time running at Debconf Or tentatively hiking volcanoes Or helping people to kill each other with socks So, I uploaded a backport of samba to squeeze backports and our squeeze users should now have the same samba version than wheezy ones.

I msgmerge binary options option trading in nicaragua stopped several cronjobs on i18n. I did a major cleanup in taskselcommitted several fixes, proposed others for review mostly to Joey Hess. All this in preparation for a soon-to-come upload, probably after D-I beta1 which has been prepared by Cyril Brulebois while he was Sorina is doing well in her GSOC work, because she's clearly someone with great capabilities who we will, I hope, be able to keep contributing to Debian.

Here, the point is mostly taking care that fixes are either: Finally, I also did most of my regular Debian work which usually takes hours every day So, well, quite productive weeks, once again. The goal was, this time, to explore the South-East heights of Managua. I noticed a road that seemed to be quiet enough and not requiring a too long transit through busy, noisy and bad smelling highways. We had to run along it for a bit less than 2km. Not the best thing but the road was not very busy at that time.

Then, we turned right into a road heading towards a quite "classy" neighbourhood where roads are well paved, there are sidewalks, etc, etc. We even found there the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Msgmerge binary options option trading in nicaragua.

I can tell you, the Iran msgmerge binary options option trading in nicaragua is quite living in a neat place and probably very happy to be there Strangely, there were several "For Sale" signs instead of "Se Vende". So, I guess this is a sign that this place is mostly inhabited by very rich foreigners, diplomats, etc. This very nice road was also At the very end msgmerge binary options option trading in nicaragua the road, we however ended It's apparently guarding the final part of the road where even more fancier villas seem to be, according to the satellite view We tried to use a small path up, but had to stop quite quickly.

OK, No l is msgmerge binary options option trading in nicaragua blurry there Being msgmerge binary options option trading in nicaragua in a fairly good shape, that went quite fast. I really admire those people who happen to run long distance in places like Managua.

I can't even imagine running a marathon here GPS trace of what finally turns out to be my longest run here as of now with Debconf 12 Managua, Nicaragua It s the last day of Debconf 12 in Managua, it s the first ever Decbonf I ve attended and it has been just awesome. There s so much I could talk about and msgmerge binary options option trading in nicaragua would take forever to put down, but here s a few highlights for me: My first time in Nicaragua and also Central America!

First time I ve ever seen a vulcano! The Bits from the DPL talk was great, Zack pretty much hit several nails on the head of why I love the Debian project so much The Debian Cheese and Wine party was off the wall, the food msgmerge binary options option trading in nicaragua the drinks were awesome and it was a lot of fun I ve been attending some of the Debconf organising sessions, I was considering getting a few people together so that we could put in a bit for Sherbrooke forbut then I learned that a bunch of people are already getting together to put a bid together for Montr al inso I ll get involved with that instead.

Stefano and I have also been talking about a hypothetical Debconf in or in Cape Town or Stellenbosch. As much as we want a Debconf in Africa, neither of us will have time to organise a team for that in the short term. I m hoping that being involved in the Montr al bid and hopefully an event will give me good experience for the Cape Town one.

The day trip in the middle of the week was great. I just spent the whole day lying in a hammock, drinking beer and staring at the ocean. I think I needed that. The Debian key signing party was good, I got my key signed by more than 20 Debian contributors this week. The sessions and BoFs were great. I learned a lot about the Debian project this week and filled up a few gaps in my knowledge. I got involved with the video team and played camera man for a few sessions for the live video feeds.

It was surprisingly fun. I took some photos too during the week but my camera is really awful, I need to get a new one by the next Debconf. The people of Nicaragua are awesome. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful, it turned There s probably too much other things to mention and I ll never get a blog entry out if I even try, but thanks to everyone who made this Debconf possible, even Pollito.

It turns out that this isn't an exception - when the code was originally submitted it also contained "0x0B00B". That one got removed when the Xen support code was ripped out.

At the most basic level it's just straightforward childish humour, and the use of vaguely-English strings in magic hex constants is hardly uncommon.

But it's also specifically male childish humour. Puerile sniggering at breasts contributes to the continuing impression that software development is a boys club where girls aren't welcome. It's especially irritating in this case because Azure may depend on this constantso changing it will break things. So, full marks, Microsoft. You've managed to make the kernel more offensive to half msgmerge binary options option trading in nicaragua population and you've made it awkward for us to rectify it.

Some Proprietary Platform Issues Android vs iPad I m currently in discussions with a client about a potential future project which involves a tablet computer talking to some electronic equipment. The options are an Android tablet and an iPad. One advantage of Android is that it msgmerge binary options option trading in nicaragua on devices of all shapes and sizes, so we can choose a device that fits the need rather than designing everything around the iPad.

But the real problem with iPad is Apple. To run an app on an iPad you need to submit it to Apple, hopefully get it accepted into the App Market, then install it. This process causes some delay, a minor fee, and has the potential to derail the project if Apple doesn t accept the app on the first try. With Android there is no need to even deal with Google, msgmerge binary options option trading in nicaragua app can be installed directly without the Google Play store. I may end up working with an iPad which admittedly is msgmerge binary options option trading in nicaragua nice hardwarebut it seems most likely that the project in question will run on Android only.

I turned out that the web developers in question only knew how to develop for Windows and my client didn t discover this until too late.

If the server isn t managed then they will have to hire someone to apply patches and that won t necessarily be cheaper. If the NBN was available then my client could run a Windows server in their office, but it s not yet available in their area.