Nntp newsreader linux

December 3, — Pan 0. July 23, — Pan 0. December 30, — Pan 0. March 24, — Pan 0. June 30, — Pan 0. June 14, — Pan 0. May 1, — Pan 0.

April 8, — Pan 0. June 5, — Pan 0. February 15, — Pan 0. August 1, — Pan 0. May 26, — Pan 0. May 19, — Pan 0. May 6, — Pan 0. April 21, — Pan 0. Very powerful RSS filters with extra support for NewzNab feeds and instant preview of filtering results when building own filters. Duplicate check automatically recognizes movies and series across releases avoiding multiple downloads of the same titles. If files need to be repaired NZBGet can significantly speed up the process thanks to unique fast file verification first stage of repair and multicore repair supported on all platforms and CPUs.

Got a question, need help installing or compiling? Looking for post-processing scripts? Written a script or add-on you want to share? Description of all changes ever made up to the latest release.

You can choose to see the log for stable releases only or for testing releases since the latest stable version. NZBGet The most efficient usenet downloader. Performance matters Unlike downloads from www or ftp the download from usenet requires quite a lot of computation work.

Web-interface NZBGet runs invisible in background and can be configured and controlled from a web-browser has a separate theme for smartphones. Automation Automatic download, par-repair if needed , unpack and post-processing. Select multiple downloads for mass edit. Edit multiple selected downloads. Notifications provide feedback for performed actions. Quick search in Settings. NewsBin DJI Interprises - Windows application specifically geared toward automated binary newsgroup batch downloading.

Supports yEnc and multi-part binary decoding. Newsgroups Pictures Downloader Keronsoft - Windows downloads and presents images from the picture newsgroups. Powerful but reading of directions for usage important. Progam is shareware and can be used 50 times before having to register. Ozum OzInsight - Windows fully programmable news robot and freeware autoposter.

Pluckit The DeKaf Co. Has anti-spam features and fully automatic unattended operation. Supports yEnc and all other message posting formats uuencode, base64, etc. Handles all possible types of attachments: Powerful navigation of downloaded files in full database with the author, date, file size, file type, and subject from the original postings.

UsenetGrab East Bay Tech - Windows has a web-browser-like interface that makes it a great way to get started using newsgroups. Text-based and binary newsgroups available. Google Groups was DejaNews - free newsgroup access to text-only forums no binaries. Excellent search functionality with posts dating back to Info - All rights reserved. If you have a website you would like added to this directory, please email me at webmaster AT newsreaders.