Vanguard brokerage account vs ira

For that reason, I am pleased with the 'drift' that you discussed. Having the funds inside a brokerage keeps your time out of the market to a minimum. You don't have to convert existing Vanguard funds to do this. I completely glossed over your mention of VG Flagship before.

I'm just guessing, but the rep might have emphasized "buying or selling" because at Fidelity, selling TF funds is free. Exactly how do they define a "trade"? If you're converting a taxable account, you'll get multiple s for the split year.

Having said that and 'figured' it out I should say no more on the topic. As you say, it works for me. If you want to get vanguard brokerage account vs ira, click one of these buttons! I must not be reading their literature carefully! Also, to emphasize, while you note in your paragraph "One could achieve a similar effect

Many of the funds pay regular or semi-regular distributions. It won't cost me anything. He indicated that basically if you plan to hold only VG mutual funds, it is not really worth your while. If you were able to write checks directly from your fund some bond funds may have had this featureyou'll lose that with the brokerage. Having the funds inside a brokerage keeps vanguard brokerage account vs ira time out of the market to a minimum.

Would that affect a transition? In essence, directing dividends is equivalent to: You could then take all of your monthly RMD distributions from the single 'distribution fund' e.